The environment surrounding a diesel car by an emission control becomes very severe, and it is the present conditions that is disposed of the junk car as for the truck bus targeted for the regulation without even the car which I can still use enough being accompanied by a value in Japan.
However, circumstances are totally different if I pay more attention abroad.
I am popular with Japanese diesel car, used car emergencies that a function is good in the loose foreign countries of the regulation, and there is little trouble and the duty is cheap.
An old truck and dump truck scrapping are used for the development of the country, the life of people in regulation in all the countries of the world in Dyna, the country of Toyota that I was not able to use in the country.
Even the used truck of the stump thinking, such "an old truck cannot sell" according to a Japanese plays an active part as active play enough abroad.
The Japanese used truck has very high popularity abroad.
High of popularity as the car which the person a lot of used goods car with the image called Japanese car = high quality is high in popularity abroad, but is usable even by car which the truck bus is Japan, and was scrapped still more.
The used trucks such as the Toyota Dyna which was not usable can play an active part still more abroad in Japan.