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Hand Made Original Collage By MAIDENFED



H 12.5"  X  W 21.5" 










This collage will ship flat in a sturdy, well-protected cardboard and padded mailer. We ensure artworks are shipped according to our very high standards. Expect your artwork to arrive with plenty of support packaged in to make its adventure as safe as possible from DOLLHAUS II into to your hands and it's new home.




Friday November 12th-Sunday December 12th, 2021


.....Maidenfed's third solo exhibition III at Dollhaus II. With new collage works and oversized images with her 'sonnets" from one years work multi disciplinary artist MAIDENFED returns — this exhibition runs November 12th- December 12th, 2021. Maidenfed is a model, artist, writer, and rapper. We open her show with her performing a few raps amongst her large body of collage works.

Maidenfed has been collaging and writing for fourteen years, modeling and photographing for a few years. She has primarily done nude, fetish and alternative modeling, collaborating with many well-known photographers and designers who refer to her as an artist breaking into the mainstream. She is rather an interesting character, with her choices of the modeling shoots and projects she will involve herself with, thus giving the collages a rather disturbing yet beautiful composed imagery of self-portraiture.

Her work has many levels to it, and is a strong assemblage of many curious different forms of herself, creating a whole new wonderful bizarre world. It’s her world and she lives it, and clearly by the projects she is involved with, they take one hell of an endurance and strength of patience. This work is incredibly strong and an intriguing display of self portraits. When taking in the collages, they are simply rather personal and there is a monstrous amount of them at DOLLHAUS II. We see the inspiration of Claude Cahun who is best known for their self portraits which assume a variety of disturbing personas. Think of the beautiful works and landscapes that Hannah Hoch created, see the controversial texting of Barabara Kruger addressing cultural constructions of power, identity, and sexuality. And, if Linda Sterling was a punk artist Maidenfed is defining radical punk feminist photomontage collage as we know it! She is a new feminist artist (yes we said it — even though we are aware of what a powerful claim that is) "New Contemporary Feminism".

Her collages — with her approach to text, mass media and a plethora of many unique images — all reflect popular culture and a historic documentation of the rather strange and alluring. She has a very hedonistic vision of the fast-paced, declining social-media driven world we live in and are subjected to. Maidenfed is in the middle of what seems to be a very discombobulated yet beautifully broken upside-down world. Her work shows us a dystopian, confusing, and unworldly but familiar place, and she is right in the middle of it: almost vacant, yet extremely powerful and domineering. The female warrior in chaos, but going along with it anyway because why the fuck not! And her attitude is why the fuck not, who cares!

But don't be confused; she is not lost and is very clear-headed and detail-orientated in her approach as a precise, skilled, intelligent creator. She has a lot to say through her imagery, which can be rather obnoxious and aggressive, juxtaposed with the raw desire to enter this frightening place of collage. She has created visual landscapes where she documents explicitly what we are all too afraid to convey. It's honest; it’s great; we love it. We’re also a little scared. We find her work extremely strong, the very definition of the new feminist, female-owned and…can we say conquered? Sure! This is NEW CONTEMPORARY FEMINISM.

With this exciting collection of work by such a young multi-displinary artist, we are pleased to have such an extraordinary exhibition by Maidenfed.

Maidenfed Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York City.


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