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Original painting  By Brian Soigne Wilson


H 36" X W 36" 


Acrylic on Canvas 


Original painting By Brian Soigne Wilson


All paintings are ready to hang by artist personally wiring them. 



...A retrospective


Brian 'SOIGNE' Wilson




Brian ‘SOIGNE’ Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist and is an original member of the first ‘happenings’ and ‘art events’ produced by Dollhaus from 1999-2001 before the first Dollhaus was opened in July of 2001. We are proud and excited to announce his solo exhibition at Dollhaus II. 


Soigne is a modern pop artist and BEYOND REALITY.


He does paintings of New York City nightlife 'Drag Queens' and 'Club Kids'. He has been a part of that scene for decades. Soigne is inspired by people who step outside the norm. He does self portraits. His husband is his biggest muse. During a difficult period in his life, Soigne began painting his 'FANTAZZICAL BEINGS' when his CYCLOPI character climbed on his chest, giggled and told him everything would be alright. He releases creativity in every aspect of his works. The exhibition conjures up elements of Surrealism, Dadaism, Expressionism and Fauvism, with his vivid expressionistic and non naturalistic use of color. He uses the whitest whites and the blackest blacks. He was inspired early on by sideshow banner art that he would see in traveling carnivals. His Art is like a Funhouse! It's spooky and fun. These works are joyful and contagious. 


The body of work truly takes on the values of the unconsciousness and subconscious mind. There is a dreamlike quality reflected in his re-creation of childlike imagery. There is magic and a strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny found in the disregarded and the unconventional. He likes to bring otherworldly Divas to life with his paintings, installations and performances. His creativity knows no boundaries. He has been hand painting clothing since his high school days. He has created thousands of characters over his career. The exhibition is full of his paintings and features an installation.


Brian Soigne Wilson featured guest artist on DOLLHAUS II "SHOW & TELL"  SUNDAY MAY 24TH, 2020. During quarantine. Soigne was an original member of the earliest of DOLLHAUS HAPPENINGS from 1998-2002.





This painting will ship flat in a sturdy, well-protected cardboard box.  We ensure artworks are shipped according to our very high standards. Expect your artwork to arrive with plenty of support packaged in to make its adventure as safe as possible from DOLLHAUS II into your hands and it's new home.



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